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What We Offer

At Rx Physio Health, we want to help the Durham Region reach their movement potentials!

That is why we offer you personalized, one-on-one physiotherapy. You will always be taken care of by a Registered Physiotherapist who you can trust and feel comfortable with. We are people too so we strive to only have staff that are highly skilled and personable.But we don’t just stop there! Rx Physio Health offers an array of other services to meet your needs and achieve your goals. We are licensed in acupuncture, body metrics evaluation and analysis, and concussion management.

Why RX Physio Health?

One-on-One Physiotherapy

Your outcomes matter. Patient centered individualized care is a priority at RX Physio Health.

Experts in Orthopaedic Physiotherapy

Leaders in injury prevention, orthopaedic rehabilitation, and athletic performance in Durham Region.

CrossFit Focused Rehabilitation

Specialty Programs Developed To Keep You Mobile. Strong. Resilient.

Functional Movement Screens for Athletes

An accurate analysis of key movement patterns provides the blueprint to enhancing athletic resilience!

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